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Shopping with Raiblocks


RaiBlocks is the smart way to pay for your products with cryptocurrency. Transactions are completed immediately and there are no fees. You have several options to buy your products with RaiBlocks (XRB). Use RaiPay at checkout, use the form below or contact us via email / livechat.

1. RaiPay

Do your normal shopping. At checkout you will see a "Pay with RaiPay"-button. First choose your delivery method, then click on "Pay with RaiPay". A new tab will appear with an XRB-Address and the cost of your order. Send us the approriate amount of XRB. After that click at the checkout "Vorkasse" and send us your order. We will ship your delivery as fast as possible.

2. Form

Choose your products and write down the names and the item numbers. Fill in the contact form and enter the corresponding names and item numbers. We will send you an E-Mail with the appropriate costs in RaiBlocks (XRB) and a XRB-Adress. Once your payment is received, we will prepare the shipment. Important: We need your XRB-Address to identify your successful payment!

3. E-Mail / Livechat

Write us an e-mail or contact us via livechat. Tell us your name, shipping address, xrb-address and the products you are interested in.

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